NBDE Part II – Endodontics Question Bank With Answer Key

NBDE Part II – Endodontics Question Bank With Answer Key

DentistryTalk is providing free NBDE Part II questions with answers to review knowledge from topic Endodontics. Endodontics is the study and treatment of the dental pulp. Free 20 multiple choice questions of Endodontics NBDE Part II with their answers.

NBDE Part II – Endodontics – Question Papers

Question 1: Which of the following is considered as the first response shown by pulp tissue to any external change/effect?

A. Inflammation

B. Calcification

C. Necrosis

D. Ulceration

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [A]


Question 2: What is the purpose of lentulospirals in endodontics?

A. Pulp extirpation

B. Locating pulp canals

C. Application of root sealer

D. Enlarging coronal third of the root canal

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [C]


Question 3: Which of the following statement is CORRECT regarding Class III Ellis fracture?

A. Only enamel part of the tooth is involved

B. Both enamel and dentine are involved

C. Enamel, dentine and pulp are involved

D. Tooth is non-vital

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [C]


Question 4: Which of the following test or instrument is used to measure the perfusion of the oxygen supply in a free flap?

A. Fluoroscopy

B. Osmoscope

C. Laser Doppler flowmetry

D. Pulse oxyimetry

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [C]


Question 5: What is the shape of the floor of the pulp chamber of maxillary first premolar?

A. Kidney shaped

B. Triangular

C. Ovoid

D. Rhomboidal

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [A]

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