Free NBDE Part II Oral Radiology Question Bank

Question 16: In which of the following diagnostic technique Ionizing radiation is used?

A. Ultrasonography


C. Thermography


Answer & Explanation

Answer: [D]


Question 17: Characteristic ‘pipe stem’ calcification in skull radiographs is observed in which of the following condition?

A. Sturge-weber syndrome

B. Paget’s disease

C. Osteoblastoma

D. Crouzon syndrome

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [A]


Question 18: Which instrument is used for measuring radiation dose in radiotherapy for various malignancies?

A. Coolidge tube

B. Charged couple device

C. Ionization chamber

D. Storage phosphor plate

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [C]


Question 19: What percentage of the cathode rays are converted into X-rays after striking anode?

A. 0.2 – 0.8 %

B. 2 – 8 %

C. 20 – 80 %

D. 100 %

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [A]


Question 20: While performing MRI of salivary glands in Sjogren syndrome which type of characteristic appearance is observed?

A. Ground glass appearance

B. Hallowing out appearance

C. Tree limb pattern

D. Salt and pepper appearance

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [D]

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