General Medicine Study Guide & Tips – NEET Dental PG MCQs

General Medicine Study Guide & Tips – NEET Dental PG MCQs

General medicine is a part of dental education curriculum teaches a dental student about various medical conditions and how they can be treated. It is important for a dental student to know about this because he/she should be patients in clinic who can be suffering some medical conditions which can affect the oral cavity. FREE General Medicine STUDY GUIDE & STUDY TIPS from the experts.


Question 1: In which of the following clinical condition lesions affecting spinal cord centrally are seen

A. Syringomyelia

B. Multiple sclerosis

C. Tabes dorsalis

D. Subacute myelo-optic neuropathy

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [A]


Question 2: In which type of hepatitis virus ‘Dane particle’ is seen?

A. Hepatitis A virus

B. Hepatitis B virus

C. Hepatitis C virus

D. Hepatitis D virus

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [B]


Question 3: Which of the following laboratory findings are observed in Metabolic alkalosis

A. Decreased bicarbonate ions

B. Increased amount of hydrogen ions

C. Decreased amount of Hydrogen ions

D. Decreased levels of carbon dioxide

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [C]


Question 4: in which of the following condition decreased levels of serum alkaline phosphatase

A. Hypothyroidism

B. Multiple myeloma

C. Paget’s disease

D. Osteomalacia

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [B]


Question 5: In which type leukemia 10% increase in the number of basophils is considered as the characteristic sign?





Answer & Explanation

Answer: [D]


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