Human Anatomy Question Bank – NEET STUDY MATERIAL

Human Anatomy Question Bank – NEET STUDY MATERIAL

Human anatomy or general anatomy deals with structure and stereo location of various parts of the human anatomy, which is helpful during various surgical procedures. Free NEET STUDY MATERIAL WITH STUDY TIPS. DENTISTRYTALK is providing Human Anatomy Question Bank with Solutions.

Human Anatomy Question Bank

Question 1: In which part of the vascular system von Willebrand factor storing bodies called as Weibel-Palade bodies is present?

A. Endothelium of veins and venules

B. Myocardium

C. Muscular layer of the aorta

D. Endothelium of arteries and arterioles


Answer: [D]


Question 2: Which of the following lymphatic nodes do tonsils drain into?

A. Upper cervical node

B. Submental node

C. Jugulodigastric node

D. Jugulo omohyoid node


Answer: [C]


Question 3: At what level does the esophagus commence?

A. C7

B. C5

C. C9

D. The lower end of cricoid


Answer: [D]


Question 4: Middle conchae of the nose are part of which of the following?

A. Ethmoid

B. Maxilla

C. Nasal bone

D. Vomer


Answer: [A]


Question 5: Which concha is an independent bone?

A. Inferior concha

B. Middle concha

C. Superior concha

D. All of the above


Answer: [A]

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