Human Anatomy Study Guide – Study Tips – NEET 2019

Question 6: Which anatomical part of the human brain controls the body temperature, sleep, and appetite?

A. Hypothalamus

B. Thalamus

C. Thyroid gland

D. Adrenal glands

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [A]


Question 7: Pterygopalatine ganglion supplies all of the following structures EXCEPT?

A. Sublingual gland

B. Lacrimal glands

C. Mucous glands of the palate

D. Mucous glands of paranasal sinuses

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [A]


Question 8: Which of the following developmental disturbance is noticed due to the presence of underdeveloped mandibular arch?

A. Cleft palate

B. Pierre robin syndrome

C. Treacher Collins syndrome

D. Hare lip

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [C]


Question 9: In which of the following anatomical structure histological pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium is seen?

A. Bronchi

B. Tonsils

C. Larynx

D. Gallbladder

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [C]


Question 10: Which cranial nerve has the longest intracranial course?

A. Trigeminal

B. Trochlear

C. Vagus

D. Optic

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [B]

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