NBDE Part 1 Practice Exam Series 29 – Human Anatomy Study Material

Question 6: Which of the following statement is correct?

Right lung receives two bronchial arteries while the left lung receives one bronchial artery.

The right lung has three lobes while the left lung has two lobes.


A. Both statements are correct

B. Both statements are incorrect

C. The first statement is correct while the second statement is incorrect

D. The first statement is incorrect while the second statement is correct


Answer: [D]


Question 7: Which of the following structure is not a part of the upper respiratory tract?

A. Nose

B. Nasopharynx

C. Oropharynx

D. Trachea


Answer: [D]


Question 8: How many membranes are present in mitochondria?

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. Four


Answer: [B]


Question 9: Which of the following is/are considered as the principal component of the cytoskeleton?

A. Intermediate filament

B. Microtubule

C. Microfilament

D. All of the above


Answer: [D]


Question 10: In which part of the cell the ribosomal RNA is formed?

A. Endoplasmic reticulum

B. Mitochondria

C. Nucleoli

D. Golgi apparatus


Answer: [C]

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