NBDE Part 1 Practice Exam Series 31 – Biochemistry NBDE Part 1 Study Material

Question 6: In which of the following body part hyaluronic acid is present?

A. Tongue

B. Joints

C. Intestine

D. Cerebrum


Answer: [B]


Question 7: Reaction with which of the following carbohydrate the starch will give red color?

A. Cellulose

B. Glycogen

C. Starch

D. Inulin


Answer: [B]


Question 8: In which of the following cycle the alanine is converted into glucose?

A. HMP shunt

B. Glycolysis

C. Glycogenolysis

D. Gluconeogenesis


Answer: [D]


Question 9: What is the total amount of glycogen in the body?

A. 150gms

B. 300gms

C. 450gms

D. 1000gms


Answer: [B]


Question 10: In which type of deficiency the transketolase activity is affected?


B. Ascorbic acid

C. Pyridoxine

D. Folic acid


Answer: [C]

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