NBDE PART 1 Preparation – Human Anatomy Study Guide

Human anatomy or anatomic sciences is one of the vast subjects which is included in the NBDE part I exam. DentistryTalk is helping with NBDE PART 1 Preparation along with Human Anatomy Study Guide. Nobody can cover the complete anatomic sciences since the time for NBDE part 1 is usually very restricted. Under such conditions, the best way to prepare to anatomic is selective study. DON’T STUDY EVERYTHING. DentistryTalk is also providing Human Anatomy Multiple Choice Question Papers along with tricks for NBDE PART 1 Preparation.

One of the best general tricks that one can apply while preparing anatomic sciences for all topics is not to miss nerve supply, arterial supply, lymphatic and venous drainage of any region.

Here are some tips and tricks for preparation of Anatomic Sciences/Human Anatomy for NBDE Part 1.

NBDE PART 1 Preparation

NBDE PART 1 Preparation includes following some basic ways which will help in scoring perfectly in NBDE Exam.

  • Proper scheduling

It is the most important tip to make most of your time while studying anatomic sciences. We all know how nerve-wracking it can become to memorize all material. One has to study all subject in just a few weeks of time before sitting for exams.

The main point here is creating a routine to study it can be weekly or one can make sure to find time to catch time with it here and there.

  • When to start preparing

It all depends on planning time to study. It is quite obvious that one who starts early and makes a concrete plan for studying will be setting him/her for success. Once a while we all have been in a situation where exams are just a week away and we start panicking that there is so much to study and wish if I had started earlier then I won’t be this situation. All you need a source of motivation to begin early and schedule the time to study and review note without adjourning until the last minute.

  • Accepting your own learning style

Every person has his own learning style, like some verbal learner, come learn by writing again and again while for some visual will do the work. There are also some people who use a combination of above mentioned some technique. You accept your own learning rather than looking out for people, how they are preparing.

  • Memorization tricks

You thinking of memorizing each and every anatomical structural can sometimes lead to wastage of your precious time. You can use some well-known tricks for memorizing like creating your own mnemonics, flashcards, rewriting notes and some people even sing it out as it helps them in memorizing.

  • Study groups

Over the time we have seen some people get benefited by studying in the groups. As studying in groups one bounces some ideas off and quiz each other, which can be helpful in retaining information and can also be helpful in identifying one’s own weaknesses. Plus it can keep you motivated to study. But there also some people who think to study in groups can wastage of time. It all depends on one’s perceptive. You should choose what suits you most studying group or alone.

  • Weak points

One should not be wasting time on reviewing all the material available to them, rather focus on the parts in which you are weakest. Like a common saying “To become strong, analyze yourself first. You must detect your weaknesses to overcome them.”

  • Assess yourself

One should always assess his/her knowledge and try to mimic what exam question will be like and make sure you are prepared for them. One can create a quiz for themselves or with friends with help of the material which available to you.

Human Anatomy Study Guide

Topics considered most important for NBDE part I Preparation

  • Head and neck region is most important and vast part of anatomic sciences. Under this topic one should never miss the various bony structures how they are articulated to each other, their foramina and structures passing those foramina.
  • While preparing embryology one should devote more time to memorize structures developing from the pharyngeal arches, neural crest cells and three germ layers.
  • For histology part, you have to be very specific don’t spend much time mugging everything in histology.


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