NBDE Part 2 Practice Exam Series 14 – Oral Pathology NBDE Part 2 Study Guide

Question 6: Which of the following cells are considered responsible for lichen planus

A. Neutrophils

B. T lymphocytes

C. B lymphocytes

D. Macrophages


Answer: [B]

Question 7: Which of the following condition is often mistaken for Leukoplakia?

A. Lichen planus

B. White sponge nevus

C. Psoriasis

D. Leukoedema


Answer: [B]

Question 8: In which of the following location white sponge nevus is most commonly seen?

A. The floor of the mouth

B. Dorsal surface of the tongue

C. Hard palate

D. Buccal mucosa


Answer: [D]

Question 9: After how much time does biopsy be considered if any white or red lesion does not resolve itself?

A. 3 days

B. 7 days

C. 2 weeks

D. 2 months


Answer: [C]

Question 10: In which of the following condition no treatment is required?

A. Lichen planus

B. Leukoplakia

C. Leukoedema

D. Oral submucous fibrosis


Answer: [C]

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