NBDE Part 2 Practice Exam Series 14 – Oral Pathology NBDE Part 2 Study Guide

Question 16: Which of the following treatment is advised for pleomorphic adenoma?

A. Chemotherapy

B. Radiotherapy

C. Curettage

D. Surgical excision


Answer: [D]

Question 17: Which of the following statement is correct?

The rate of occurrence of sialolith in sublingual gland is much higher than a submandibular gland.

In Sialolithiasis the pain is experienced during salivary stimulation and is intensified during mealtimes.

A. Both statements are correct

B. Both statements are incorrect

C. The first statement is correct while the second statement is incorrect

D. The first statement is incorrect while the second statement is correct


Answer: [D]

Question 18: In which of the following syndrome port-wine stain is seen?

A. Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome

B. Sturge Weber disease

C. Weber syndrome

D. All of the above


Answer: [B]

Question 19: Around what age the cementifying fibroma occurs?

A. Under 5 years of age

B. 15 years

C. 25 years

D. 40 years


Answer: [D]

Question 20: Which of the following cyst has a pear-shaped radiographic appearance?

A. Globulomaxillary

B. Nasopalatine

C. Nasolabial

D. Median palatal


Answer: [A]

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