NBDE Part 2 Practice Exam Series 17 – Orthodontics NBDE Part 2 Study Guide

Question 16: In rapid palatal expansion the activation is performed:

A. Once a day

B. Twice a day

C. Once a week

D. Once a month


Answer: [B]


Question 17: Which of the following development disturbance can be caused by intake of aspirin?

A. Acromegaly

B. Hemifacial hyperplasia

C. Apert’s syndrome

D. Cleft lip and palate


Answer: [D]


Question 18: Which of the following type of brackets are also known as esthetic brackets?

A. Ni-Ti brackets

B. Ceramic brackets

C. Metal brackets

D. Co-Cr brackets


Answer: [B]


Question 19: Which of the following clinical features are associated with chronic mouth breathing?

A. Chronic tonsillitis

B. Narrow face

C. Narrow oropharyngeal space

D. All of the above


Answer: [D]


Question 20: Which of the following statement is correct regarding posterior crossbite?

They should be corrected as soon as possible.

It may be associated with a mandibular shift.


A. Both statements are correct

B. Both statements are incorrect

C. The first statement is correct while the second statement is incorrect

D. The first statement is incorrect while the second statement is correct


Answer: [A]




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