NBDE Part 2 Practice Exam Series 18 – Pharmacology NBDE Part 2 Study Guide

Question 11: Concentration of which the following ion is increased in active cardiac muscles with the administration of glycosides?

A. Chloride

B. Calcium

C. Sodium

D. Potassium


Answer: [B]


Question 12: Which local anesthetic agent increases the pressor activity of both adrenaline and noradrenaline?

A. Cocaine

B. Procaine

C. Prilocaine

D. Lidocaine


Answer: [A]


Question 13: In which of the following condition antibiotics can be prescribed for management purpose?


B. Angina pectoris

C. Aphthous stomatitis

D. Herpes simplex


Answer: [A]


Question 14: Which class of drugs is contraindicated in patients suffering from glaucoma?

A. Cholinergic

B. Adrenergic

C. Adrenergic blockers

D. Anticholinergic


Answer: [D]


Question 15: Which of the following symptom is NOT associated with neostigmine poisoning?

A. Salivation

B. Convulsion

C. Skeletal muscle paralysis

D. Diarrhea


Answer: [C]

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