NBDE Part 2 Practice Exam Series 18 – Pharmacology NBDE Part 2 Study Guide

Question 16: Which is the drug of choice for management of opioid overdose?

A. Naloxone

B. Nalorphine

C. Propoxyphene

D. Levallorphan


Answer: [A]


Question 17: What will happen if the therapeutic dose of morphine is administered intramuscularly?

A. Euphoria

B. Dysphoria

C. Mental clouding

D. All of the above


Answer: [D]


Question 18: Which antihistamine is most commonly used as preoperative medication?

A. Chlorpheniramine

B. Promethazine

C. Meclizine

D. Cetirizine


Answer: [B]


Question 19: Which of the following anti-neoplastic drug is classified as a cell cycle specific antimetabolite?

A. Methotrexate

B. Vincristine

C. Cyclosporine

D. Cisplatin


Answer: [A]


Question 20: Which of the following term is used for describing the development of hyporeactivity to a drug?

A. Desensitization

B. Antagonism

C. Tolerance

D. Detoxification


Answer: [C]


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