NBDE Part 2 Practice Exam Series 55 – Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Study Guide

NBDE Part 2 Practice Exam Series 55 – Take a free NBDE Part 2 Practice Exam Series 55 for preparation of NBDE exam. The NBDE Part 2 Practice Exam Series 55 is totally free of cost and no registration is required to take part in it. DentistryTalk is also providing the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery NBDE Part 2 Study guide and study material.

NBDE Part 2 Practice Exam Series 55

Question 1: For extraction of palatally placed root stump of following maxillary tooth the elevator should NOT be used?

A. Incisors

B. Canine

C. Premolar

D. Molars


Answer: [d]

Question 2: Which of the following cranial nerve is involved in cardiac dysrhythmia which can be encountered during tooth extraction?

A. Trigeminal

B. Facial

C. Hypoglossal

D. Glossopharyngeal


Answer: [A]

Question 3: After how many days a oral antral communication it is termed as chronic?

A. 4 days

B. 10 days

C. 14 days

D. 30 days


Answer: [C]

Question 4: In which part of the oral the Caldwell luc incision is made?

A. Mandibular anterior labial vestibule

B. Maxillary canine fossa

C. Retromolar region

D. Maxillary tuberosity


Answer: [B]

Question 5: Which of the following is supplied by anterior trunk of the mandibular nerve?

A. Digastric

B. Mentalis

C. Lateral pterygoid

D. Rissorius


Answer: [C]

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