NBDE Part II Orthodontics Questions With Answer Key

Question 6: Of which material is aesthetic brackets made of?

A. Ni-Ti

B. Steel

C. Ceramic

D. Co-Cr

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [C]


Question 7: Which of the following statement is CORRECT regarding tooth impaction?

The longer the tooth is impacted more is the chance of it getting ankylosed

The most commonly impacted tooth is permanent mandibular canine


A. Both statements are Correct

B. Both statements are Incorrect

C. The first statement is correct while the second statement is incorrect

D.The first statement is incorrect while the second statement is correct

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [C]


Question 8: Which of the following is NOT a sign of incipient malocclusion?

A. Premature loss of deciduous mandibular canine

B. Crowding of permanent incisors in mixed dentition

C. Larger than normal deciduous teeth

D. Lack of spacing in deciduous teeth

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [C]


Question 9: Which of the following term is normally used to describe the deciduous molar relationship?

A. Step relationship

B. Class relationship

C. Occlusion relationship

D. Primitive relationship

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [A]


Question 10: Which tooth is not typically extracted during serial extraction case?

A. Deciduous canine

B. Deciduous second molar

C. Deciduous first molar

D. Permanent first premolar

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [B]

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