Question 11: Which is the most common form of “Diabetes” seen in children?

A. Type I

B. Type II

C. Type III

D. Type IV

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [A]


Question 12: Which of the following statement is TRUE about NEUROFIBROMA?

It is a moderately firm, encapsulated tumor resulting from the proliferation of Schwann cells.

The lesions appear as solitary or multiple submucosal enlargements.


A. The first statement is true and the second statement is false

B. The first statement is false but the second is true

C. Both the statements are false

D. Both the statements are true

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [C]


Question 13: Which is the most common site for Neuroblastoma?

A. Abdomen

B. Pelvis

C. Chest

D. Neck

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [A]


Question 14: Which of the following is the most common form of congenital malformation?

A. Macroglossia

B. Bifid tongue

C. Anodontia

D. Cleft lip and palate

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [D]


Question 15: “Leukemia of childhood” is referred to which of the following?

A. Acute myeloid leukemia

B. Acute lymphocytic leukemia

C. Chronic myelocytic leukemia

D. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Answer & Explanation

Answer: [B]

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