NBDE Part II Pharmacology MCQ With Answer Key

Question 6: In which of the following cells alpha-adrenergic receptors are present?

A. Blood platelets

B. Fat cells

C. Neurons in the CNS

D. All of the above

Answer & Explanation Answer: [D]



Question 7: The mechanism of drug absorption in Gastro-intestinal tract is:

A. Passive diffusion (lipid diffusion)

B. Active transport (carrier-mediated diffusion)

C. Endocytosis and exocytosis

D. Filtration (aqueous diffusion)

Answer & Explanation Answer: [A]



Question 8: What do you mean by the term “bioavailability” ?

A. Plasma protein binding degree of substance

B. Amount of a substance in urine relative to the initial doze

C. Fraction of an uncharged drug reaching the systemic circulation following any route administration

D. Permeability through the brain-blood barrier

Answer & Explanation Answer: [C]



Question 9: All of the following are considered as Biological barriers EXCEPT:

A. Cell membranes

B. Renal tubules

C. Capillary walls

D. Placenta

Answer & Explanation Answer: [B]



Question 10: The term “biotransformation” includes:

A. Accumulation of substances in a fat tissue

B. Accumulation of substances in a tissue

C. Binding of substances with plasma proteins

D. Process of physicochemical and biochemical alteration of a drug in the body

Answer & Explanation Answer: [D]


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