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DentistryTalk is providing Oral Surgery MCQs Tips with answers to review. Oral surgery is considered as the surgical branch of the dentistry. It teaches about various general dental surgical procedures are to be performed by the dentist in a dental ranging from as simple as extraction of the tooth to as complex as orthognathic surgeries. With Oral Surgery MCQs Tips and Guide, it will easy for the candidate who is going for NEET 2019 Dental PG Exam.


Oral Surgery MCQs Tips


Question 1: Which part of the brain is last to get anesthetized by general anesthesia?

A. Cerebellum

B. Medulla oblongata

C. Pons

D. The frontal lobe of the cerebrum


Answer: [B]


Question 2: Which of the following comment is CORRECT regarding nitrous oxide used for conscious sedation?

A. Good analgesic and good anesthetic effect

B. Good analgesic and poor anesthetic effect

C. Poor analgesic and good anesthetic effect

D. Poor analgesic and poor anesthetic effect


Answer: [B]


Question 3: Which of the following is considered as the preferred treatment of recurrent mucocele?

A. Marsupialization of the mucocele

B. Enucleating the mucocele along with salivary gland tissue and surrounding tissue

C. Enucleating the mucocele with salivary gland tissue only

D. Enucleating the mucocele only


Answer: [B]


Question 4: Which of the following substance is utilized in cryosurgery?

A. Nitrous oxide

B. Nitric dioxide

C. Liquid nitrogen

D. Carbon dioxide


Answer: [A]


Question 5: Which is the most common problem faced during maxillary tuberosity reduction during pre-prosthetic surgery?

A. Injury to the posterior superior alveolar nerve

B. Infection

C. Oroantral fistula formation

D. Poor access


Answer: [C]

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